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Sunday 14 December 2014

Books, plural

I just received my author’s copy of The Museum of the Future from CFZ Press. This is my third book, after Bloody British History: Somerset in 2012 and Conspiracy History last month.

The Museum of the Future is a collection of short stories, most of them with a Fortean theme of one sort or another. I sent the original to Jon and Corinna Downes at the Centre for Fortean Zoology when they started publishing fiction a few years ago, and they’ve made a really nice job of the book. I believe it’s now been published (ISBN 978-1-909488-23-6), but it doesn’t appear to be listed by any retailers yet, so I’ll save the details for a later post when the book is more easily available. To whet your appetite, however, here is the blurb:
Twenty tales of High Strangeness featuring conspiracy theorists, mad scientists, hippies, geeks and miscellaneous weirdos: A group of Cambridge academics investigate a crashed UFO... An outcast scientist discovers the secret of anti-gravity... A paranormal author finds himself prime suspect in the Case of the Purloined Poe... A student has a bewildering vision of the future... Four New Agers are regressed back to their past lives... An engineer invents a new way to spy on the competition... A viewer gets too deeply involved in a TV cop show... A young woman battles the spies, aliens and perverts that only she can see... and a dozen more stories!
More books are in the pipeline, by the way. My mini-biography of Isaac Newton, in the excellent Pocket Giants series from the History Press, is scheduled for Spring 2015, and another title in the same series (which I’m working on at the moment) should follow later the same year. I’m also working on a collaborative book with a fellow blogger, which we’re about half way through – but we haven’t got a formal arrangement with a publisher yet, so I’ve no idea when that one will see the light of day!


Anonymous said...

I saw that Somerset book on Google Play and wondered if it was you or another author with the same name. The other two are not there though.

Andrew May said...

Yes, local books are probably the easiest way for an unknown author to get a publishing deal. I generally think local history books are pretty dull, but the idea of this "Bloody History" series really appealed to me and the book was great fun to write.

Sorry again about Google Play! I'm not even sure if Museum of the Future will be available as an ebook, or just a paperback. I will have to find out! I'm planning to do another post about it when it's listed on Amazon.