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Sunday 27 December 2015

Alchemy Crossword Puzzle

Here is this year’s Christmas crossword. I tried to stick as far as possible to the theme of Alchemy for this one, although a few of the questions stray off topic. As in previous years (2013 and 2014) you will either have to print out the grid or treat it as a quiz and do it in your head. Some of the answers are quite obscure, but you should be able to find all of them on Google. I will post the answers as a comment to this post on 1 Jan 2016, so if you’re doing it after that try not to scroll down too far!


1. The art or science of changing one chemical element into another [13]
8. Oxford museum founded by a 17th century alchemist [9]
10. Place in Egypt where alchemists obtained galena [5]
11. ---- Pound wrote “The Alchemist: Chant for the transmutation of metals” [4]
12. “Thus is the Devil ever God’s ---” (Martin Luther) [3]
13. “The Ripley ------”, an important 15th century work of symbolic alchemy [6]
15. School of alchemy founded by Theophrastus Philippus Aureolus Bombastus von Hohenheim [11]
18. “-- above…” [2]
21. “-- below” [2]
22. Place in Somerset where John Dee reputedly found the Philosopher’s Stone [11]
26. An alchemical process of whitening [6]
28. Energy in Chinese Alchemy (Wade-Giles spelling) [3]
29. “--- Alchemica” by W.B. Yeats [4]
32. French for tin [5]
33. Contemporary of Shakespeare whose works include “The Alchemist” [3, 6]
34. The Tabula Smaragdina of Hermetic alchemy [7, 6]


1. Greek philosopher who held that the first principle of all things is water [6]
2. Chemical reaction not requiring heat [8]
3. Michael ----, mediaeval alchemist who was reputed to have occult powers [4]
4. Mary ---- Atwood, Victorian author of “A Suggestive Enquiry into the Hermetic Mystery” [4]
5 & 6. Seventeenth century natural philosopher who wrote extensively on the subject of alchemy [5, 6]
7. Powerful beings who are embodiments of natural forces, according to DC Comics [7]
9. The third card of the Major Arcana in Tarot [7]
13. Research establishment that pioneered Remote Viewing [3]
14. ---- Gustav Jung, author of “Psychology and Alchemy” [4]
16. “Beginner’s Mind” in Zen Buddhism [7]
17. Nix ----, alchemical name for zinc oxide [4]
19. Analysed a metallic substance [7]
20. The protagonist of “Three Hours after Marriage”, an expert on alchemy among other subjects [2, 6]
23. Co-author of “Alchemical Equipment in the Eleventh Century” [3]
24. In alchemy, to separate a component by removing the upper part [6]
25. “The ------ is an iron stone, and so attracts iron to itself” (Paracelsus) [6]
27. Alchemists are punished in the Eight Circle of Hell, according to this Italian writer [5]
30. In Kabbalah, the Sacred Marriage is represented by the union of ---- (father) and Imma (mother) [4]
31. Arnold de Villa ----, 13th century translator to whom many alchemical texts are ascribed [4]

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