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Sunday 1 July 2012

Post-Fortean Books

Several years ago I used the self-publishing website to set up my own “publishing imprint” called Post-Fortean Books. But because I had a properly paying job at the time, I didn’t really have the leisure or motivation to do much in the way of marketing or publicity. Since then times have changed, and I’ve just gone through the process of reissuing all the books on Kindle. Four of them are also listed on iTunes, while the other two have just been submitted. Here are the details (in each case the link at the beginning goes to the US Amazon site and the one at the end to

The Case of the Invisible College and Other Mysteries: A collection of Sherlock-Holmes style detective stories set in present-day Oxford. All the stories have loosely Fortean themes (“The Dangerous Book”, “The Invisible College”, “The Shakespearean Super-Chimp”, “The Abducted Astrobiologist”, “The Ghost in the Machine”, “The Shocking Science Quarterly” and “The Inverted Pyramid”). This one is listed on iBooks. [Get it from Amazon UK]

The Aquarius Code: A loose pastiche of The Da Vinci Code, written in 2006 when such things were topical. My story has a stronger fantasy/sci-fi element, though, and plenty of Fortean trappings (Earth Mysteries, Glastonbury, occult rites, Illuminati etc). A 17,000 word novella. This one has just shown up on iTunes as well as Kindle. [Get it from Amazon UK]

The Promethean Galaxy: This is the only non-fiction work on the list. It’s a short (18,000 words) "exploration of the Galaxy" in science, philosophy, arts, mysticism and literature. It’s Fortean only in the sense that it refuses to take sides. Again, this one has just appeared on iTunes as well. [Get it from Amazon UK]

Kundalini Conspiracy: A 23,000 word novella that I stitched together in 2004 from several earlier short stories. Not great literature, but it’s bursting with Fortean themes (abductions, government conspiracies, past-life regression, mind control, Lovecraftian cults, cattle mutilation and probably other things I’ve forgotten). I tried to make the hero sympathetic, but I’ve been told he’s an obnoxious little pervert. This one is available as a printed book as well as being listed on iTunes and Kindle. [Get it from Amazon UK]

The Naked Guru: Just a short story (7,000 words). This is another one set in Oxford, but the style is very different from The Invisible College... more in the “sleazy comic-book sci-fi” genre (if such a thing exists). I billed this one as “For Mature Readers Only” because it’s all about a sex cult, though actually the sexual content isn’t much greater than Kundalini Conspiracy or The Aquarius Code. Only on Kindle so far. [Get it from Amazon UK]

Six Dimensional Sex: Another one for mature readers! This is set in the Swinging Sixties, and it’s a parody of a particular type of science fiction that was popular at that time -- both in its repetitively sexual narrative and avant-garde writing style. It’s an absolutely terrible book (deliberately, because I was parodying a terrible style) but my hope is that the word Sex in the title will sell it despite its awfulness. Again, this one is only on Kindle so far. [Get it from Amazon UK]

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